Consultant for writing the content of five products.

18th December 2017

Title of Assignment: Consultant for writing the content of five products.

Consultant/Firm of consultants


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Project Coordinator NEHHPA

25th December 2017

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10 days


  1. Background Why this assignment (rationale)?


  1. Herbs and Herbal Products Association (NEHHPA) is an umbrella organization of herbal collectors, producers, manufacturers and traders in the sector of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs), particularly Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs). Established in 2002, NEHHPA now accounts for more than fifty member herbal companies. The main goal of NEHHPA is to promote Nepal’s high-quality herbs and herbal products at the national and international levels and strengthening responsible business through producing and marketing quality products. NEHHPA activities include marketing and networking, business development, capacity building, research and quality assessment and advocating for its member's companies. NEHHPA aims to improve the livelihood and provide farmers with market access to create income opportunities for poor rural households. Therefore, NEHHPA provides necessary support to the rural community for producing and marketing quality products. NEHHPA achieves its goal through conducting various programs, events and activities that are supportive to have extended marketing capabilities of its members as well as the entrepreneurs in this sector.


NEHHPA has a strategic alliance with a number of donors and bilateral aid agencies and the alliance is working to institutionalize the herbal sector business in Nepal. Among these HELVETAS is also one. HELVETAS has a strategic alliance with NEHHPA on Promotion of herbs and herbal based enterprises, Capacity development of herbal based entrepreneurs, Research and Development (R&D), Joint collaboration and actions for policy dialogue and advocacy in favor of micro-entrepreneurs for resource-based enterprise development.


The strategic alliance will be executed in Province 2. The project aims to improve production, manufacturing and marketing practices of MAPs for their sustainability, strengthen the private sectors and facilitate the MAPs trade in Nepal. In Nepal, the Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs)—mainly the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs)—contribute to the income of thousands of Nepalese households across the country. The opportunity for this sector is huge in Nepal. Different essential oil and agro products are found in Province 2. With the aim of promoting the selected five products being cultivated in the Province, NEHHPA has conceptualized to develop the each leaflet of the product. The products are Chamomile, Turmeric, citronella, Lemon grass and Eculapytus.


  1. Details of Assignment
  1. Strategy: What is the objective? What results are needed to achieve the objective?


The main objective of this assignment is to promote these above-mentioned products found in Province 2 and provide the detail information of these products to the consumers, buyers and producers.

Following are the expected results of this assignment (contract):

  • The leaflet will act as the promotional material between buyer and seller.
  • Information about the species will be disseminated.


  1. Process: Methodology to be used and different steps to be followed in order to achieve the results and objective defined in the strategy. What is the timeline?


Resource Person/Consultant in close consultation with NEHHPA and HELVETAS will write the content for the leaflet. S/he will assign the lead of overall assignment. The methodology and a draft of content will be presented and discussed with NEHHPA before actual implementation. The resource person/team of a consultant is expected to follow the following methodology:

  • Through study.
  • Collect information related to species, use, cultivation, trade
  • After finalization, a report has to be submitted.
  • All information collected during this study is to be treated strictly confidential.


  1. Learning and Innovation: What is the expected new knowledge to be created and in which form (e.g. publication)? How to transfer the knowledge to whom?


An in-depth knowledge of business perspective of MAPs can be brought into action through proper implementation.

The translated book will:

  • Provide information on MAPs
  • Importance of MAPs
  • Information on important parts to be traded.
  • Information about scientific name, family, introduction, availability, parts used for trading, harvesting and collection time, information about the traded parts and its usage.



  1. Key Requirement of Consultant(s) What qualification is required?


The resource person/consultant will have a responsibility of producing the leaflet in both the language (Nepali and English).

  • University Degree in Agriculture, Botany, Forestry, related natural resource field, and/or equivalent certified degree.
  • Sound knowledge of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) and essential oil sector.
  • Proficient in both English and Nepali.
  • Experience in approaching, coordinating and familiarizing with concerned stakeholders is expected.